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Exova Metech maintains Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Status

Responsibility Suppliers who are supplier for SMR of a component for a Volvo product shall meet all requirements listed in this It is expected that suppliers to Volvo Group companies will have a well developed mature quality management system in place and functioning effectively. As a minimum all suppliers are required to have quality system that has been registered Suppliers of materials, equipment, services and consumption goods play a vital part in the development and manufacturing of Volvo Group’s products. All suppliers and contractors must have knowledge of the Volvo Group Code of Conduct coupled with internal working procedures including the following aspects: • Suppliers must have knowledge of the Volvo Group Environmental Policy. • Suppliers of production materials and services on regular call off’ s and schedules, shall be third party certified (to ISO 14001or EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme).

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The requirements set out in this manual shall be fulfilled for every new and modified part delivered to For existing suppliers Useful links and documents. In this section our existing suppliers can find useful information related to their business. Ask questions about invoices or payments and read more about our Logistic Solutions, Payment & Financial Information and Corporate Standards. who are supplying for any Volvo project. This document is listing requirements for these suppliers in addition to standard IATF16949 requirements and in addition to standard SMR requirements.

This requires a commitment from our suppliers to provide the same to us. In order to achieve this, we have a number of requirements that all current and potential suppliers must meet.

Lars-Göran Kivinen - Supplier Quality Management - Volvo

The messages exchanged between Volvo and suppliers are: DELINS/DELFOR, AVIEXP/DESADV, INVOIC. To have more details regarding the technical specifications required for EDI messages: options is dependent on the local conditions and the requirements in each individual relation between a supplier and a Volvo unit.

Volvo supplier requirements

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Volvo supplier requirements

Suppliers are expected to have a formal Problem Solving/Corrective Action process in Become part of the Volvo Group supplier network and join us on our journey to be the world's most desired and successful transport and infrastructure solution provider. Volvo Group suppliers in short Being a Volvo Group supplier means belonging to a global network consisting of 51,000 high performing suppliers from countries all over the world adding real business value to the Volvo Group. Delivering the best – our requirements Maintaining a good relationship is crucial to the success of both Volvo Cars and its suppliers. Meeting our high expectations for value, efficiency and innovation, as well as supporting our core values of safety, environmental concern and quality, ensures that together we build a sustainable future.

Volvo supplier requirements

Keep your Volvo truck in top condition with Genuine Volvo Parts. They’re reliable, durable and quality assured.
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Groupe Renault Customer Specific Requirements for IATF 16949 – Effective 17 December 2020 (2nd Edition) Volvo WebEDI is ideal for small suppliers with few deliveries to Volvo or as an interim solution for suppliers currently unable to use traditional EDI. With this solution you log on to a web portal and manually register and administrate the required messages. IMDS reporting requirements: Volvo Car Corporation requires that all parts in production from 01W35 and should be reported through IMDS. The requirement is valid for all part on the lowest level of the submitted part structure.

We expect suppliers to contribute to maintaining this reputation by the care they invest in the parts they produce and deliver. VOLVO suppliers are expected to extend the requirements in this manual to their suppliers and assume responsibility to ensure that quality is consistent through their supply chain. Volvo Requires PPAP approval prior to shipment of any products for use in customer vehicles, PPAP to AIAG PPAP manual latest edition. VOLVO Purchasing requires suppliers to the AIAG Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and that this requirement is applied suppliers of products be used in VOLVO products.
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3.2 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS In addition to a registered quality system Volvo Group suppliers are required to demonstrate a history of product delivery with a low non-conformance rate (e.g. PPM).

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PLEASE SELECT YOUR REGION AND MARKET. Select location. Regional support sites Americas Keep your Volvo truck in top condition with Genuine Volvo Parts. They’re reliable, durable and quality assured.

1 Equivalent methods that are verified to meet EN ISO 12100 are also acceptable. 5 Symbols and indication Each identified special characteristic shall be accompanied by its class that follows the following rules of indication: a letter combination, either [CC] or [SC] Volvo Global Sequence label v1.1 : Volvo's Global Transport Label – to be used for Sequence material: 2019-07-02: Cross reference table for ANSI X.12 (PDF, 0.129kb) Cross reference table for ANSI X.12 vs. Odette Transport Label. 2019-09-17 As a supplier to the Volvo Group, you are required to use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or the Volvo Web EDI (on an exceptional or temporary basis). The messages exchanged between Volvo and suppliers are: DELINS/DELFOR, AVIEXP/DESADV, INVOIC.